Our Story

We started Gooselings because we yearned for a sense of calm amongst the stressful, exciting (and sometimes overwhelming) journey that is parenthood. Gooselings is more than an ordinary blanket. It’s a lifestyle. A community. A way of life. For your loved ones. For you, too.

While creating our collection we were inspired by “hygge”. Hygge describes a Scandinavian lifestyle. It means creating an atmosphere full of things that make one content. So you can enjoy all simple (and cozy) moments that life has to offer. The warm glow of a candlelit corner is hygge. A hot chocolate with a mountain of marshmallows is hygge. Snuggling up next to a loved one to watch a movie is hygge. It’s hand-knit gloves and a home-cooked meal. It’s our hope that our products express this Scandinavian way of life—that you and your child feel warm, calm, happy and healthy while in the presence of Gooselings.

We can’t wait to share the cozy moments with you,

Elana & Jonathan