3 Ways to Decorate with Our Duvet Sets

December 15, 2020

3 Ways to Decorate with Our Duvet Sets

 Living rooms can have several uses: a gathering place for friends and family, a play area, or even a makeshift classroom or office for working from home. In today’s world, where we are spending more time at home than ever—it can act as all of the above and more. With many of our kids home all day, it’s important to make your space as comfortable as possible. Our duvet sets bring an extra slice of cozy.

Let us help you bring texture and warmth to your living room for the perfect “hygge moment” with three inspiring ideas. Keep in mind, the designs are beautiful but the warmth comes from the toddler duvet inserts.

A Warm Accent

Create snuggle-worthy moments on your couch by accenting with a print that complements the color palette you already have. For something picture-perfect, spread the blanket out and drape it down into the seat—it’ll look perfectly lived-in and Instagram-worthy. Don’t be afraid to play around with where you put your duvet. Try adding throw pillows in one of the colors that are included in the print for an effortlessly cozy look.


Cozy Contrasts


Use our baby blanket to add a cozy contrast to chairs with structured frames. Take things a step further by choosing a print to complement an accompanying pillow or cushion for a warm mix of textures and colors. We love the look of rattan furniture with any of our prints—there’s something really natural and down-to-earth about that pairing.


A Playful Touch


Does your little one already claim a living room corner? Embrace the “chaos” by a playful accent (and playful print) by draping our blanket over a corner of their dresser, toy basket, or wherever you keep their things in for easy access and a tender design.


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