Product Care

Baby Duvet
Machine Washing: When necessary, simply wash the duvet in ‘Hot water’ (140°F). It is best to use a gentle detergent that re-moisturizes the down. Use approximately 1/3 of the normal amounts of detergent you would use—your detergent should be enzyme-free.
Drying: Spin-dry and dry in the tumble dryer as always with wool dryer balls (or tennis balls work as well). Shake out the duvet. If it smells dry and fresh, it’s ready to be used again.
Good Habits: For your duvet to retain its fluffy feel for many years, please make sure to air it out as often as you can. Then the down will redistribute itself and feel as light and wonderful as usual. Here and there, it is a good idea to just put the duvet in a tumble-dryer to remove moisture—the duvet will restore to its purest form.
Baby Duvet Cover & Crib Sheet & Twin Duvet Cover Set 
Machine Washing: Wash inside out at warm temperature with like colors. 
Drying: Tumble dry at a low setting
Good Habits: Launder before first use. Treat stains in a timely manner.