The Guide to Cozy

November 17, 2022

Duvet Cover with bow around it

Here’s to all things magical and cozy.

We put together a curated gift guide (with special pairings) that will bring a comforting start to your holiday season.

For the baby
who can use that added comfort throughout their day
For the parent
who values longevity and keepsakes  
Gooselings Bamboo Knit Blanket 
Pairs well with: Marin Montagut x Povense Poiriers Book of Secrets 
For the new mom  
who wants to create a whimsical nursery
Gooselings Once Upon a Time Crib Sheet 
Pairs well with: Odin Parker Music Box 
For the child 
who likes things a little bit more “personal”
Gooselings Forever Pillow
Pairs well with: Percha Olivo Clothing Hanger


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