Come With Us To Greece

September 30, 2022

This summer we traveled around Europe for 6 weeks—Greece, Denmark, Italy, France and Spain…oh my! It was smooth mostly (there were a few bumps along the way like when we put our passports in the bag that was supposed to be just for toys)— but we’re grateful to see the world with our children (even though we couldn't bring their toddler duvets) and wanted to share with you a little bit of the experience. 

The Trip

Greece with 3 Kids  

The Itinerary

Athens - Milos - Paros - Antiparos

The Highlights 

  1. We hired @Michael_Patmanidis, an incredible storyteller and travel guide for Athens and mainland travel. He provided the perfect narrative to our daily discoveries and guided us through our whole trip in Athens—with everything from transportation (tip: hire a driver) to incredible restaurant suggestions. 
  2. Take a day trip to the Athens Riviera. The beaches are beautiful. May we suggest the @astirbeachgr beach clubs? 
  3. Definitely book a boat trip for a day’s outing. The experience you have on the sea is way different than the one you’ll have on land. We used Milo’s Experience on the island of Milos. 
  4. We booked a unique astronomy tour with Kids Loves Greece @kidslovegreece on the island of Paros. 
  5. For a unique portrait experience, we loved Angelika Vaxevanidou, an incredible artist that resides in Lefkes, Paros.
  6. Playgrounds are everywhere, we had plenty of magical late nights meeting various kids at local playgrounds around the islands.
  7. Towns we adored: Nafplion (Mainland), Pollania (Milos), Naoussa (Paros), Chora (Antiparos). All of these were so kid-friendly yet fun for adults. 
  8. The candy stores are magical in Greece. We definitely bribed our kids throughout the journey. One place not to miss is the Athens @littlekook.
  9. My kids loved eating at the various Tavernas, some situated close to the water. Cats visit you as you eat and they loved the whole experience.
  10. The Greek people love kids. It’s the people that made the experience. They accepted us and were warm…even when the kids were throwing tantrums.

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