The Mindful Bedtime Routine

March 04, 2024

Child reading a book


A moment to mindfully connect. Create a bedtime story where you include someone they know as the character, or create a story based on something they did during the day—this fosters creative thinking skills.



Child holding a pillow

Ask about their Day

After you read them a bedtime story, ask about their day through ‘roses and thorns’.
Description of bedtime routine
Child holding a little gooseling


Try to unplug at least 1 hour before bedtime. Blue light from any device can stimulate your child, decreasing melatonin levels and making it far more dicult for a stress-free bedtime.

Child holding Cream

Engage their Senses

Engage their senses with a few bedtime chores. A warm bath at nighttime or their favorite toothpaste for brushing their teeth sets the tone for a happy sleep environment. Dimming the lights, playing calming music, lighting up their room with stars with a projector, these are all things that engage the senses. 
Gooselings bedding in Touch The Sky Print

Get Cozy

The simplest is to cuddle. Tuck them into their Gooselings and focus on the present moment. Just being near each other spikes the hormones between child and parent. 
Child Smiling

Positive Affirmations

How we speak to our children greatly impacts their behaviors and mindsets. Spend a few minutes before bedtime repeating positive armations for kids.
Here are a few examples:
A list of some affirmations
Child holding their hands together

Give them Choices

Encourage their participation when building your routine to welcome their input.
Text about mindful routine

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