Gooselings First Christmas: Mom Emily & Daughter Carly

December 01, 2020



1. How has motherhood changed you and your perspective on the holiday season?

Motherhood has made me much more focused on the little things and more emotional! Something as small as a little family stroll can bring happy tears to my eyes! Holidays are full of these extra special moments! In addition to just living in them, I also want to create those special moments that turn into the best childhood memories! This year, I am going to cherish every single moment with our little girl no matter how small. Bring on the happy tears!

2. This season, what new traditions are you planning on sharing with your little one?

Since this is her first Christmas I am very excited to watch her experience it! All the lights, colors, music, and smells that make the holiday what it is! I plan on introducing Carly to my father's Christmas tree farm and choosing our first tree as a family. I look forward to decorating the tree and singing Christmas songs together as she grows!

3. As a mother, how do you find your calm during the holidays?

I do my best to simplify things as much as possible. I try not to put too much pressure or expectations on myself and take each day as it comes. Things don’t have to be “perfect” to have a good holiday. It’s about the joy and love everyone brings that really makes the holiday special, all of the rest is just icing on the cake!

4. How do you use your Gooselings duvet and what's your favorite print?

Cuddle time is big in this family! The soft fabric of the duvet is the best for cuddle time and the beautiful prints are an added bonus for snagging those cute Instagram-worthy cuddle pictures! Our family loves to be outside. Having a baby in the winter makes it a bit harder to take outdoor strolls because you don’t want them to get cold. Just like her mom, Carly loves to be cozy and warm. The soft fluffy duvet is perfect for making her nice and cozy for our chilly winter strolls! We love the Bird Song print, it is a beautiful neutral grey while adding a bit of playfulness with the floral pattern!

5. For us, a Gooselings Moment is a simple (and cozy) moment of comfort, warmth, and contentment. What are the Gooselings moments you look forward to having with your family this season?

I’m looking forward to all of the cozy family cuddles near the tree with Christmas music playing and the smell of Christmas cookies baking! A perfect Christmas memory!

We hope you and your family have a great holiday!!

-Emily & Carly



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