Gooselings Dad: Meet Jeppe - the Danish Dad living in the Big Apple

July 10, 2019


Where are you originally from? Denmark

Children/ Ages: one daughter named Amalia, 21 months. 

What do you like best about raising kids in the Big Apple? The international environment and the exposure to so many things.

How do you find your sense of calm in NYC coming from Denmark? We live in close proximity to Central Park and the Hudson River, so it becomes our little oasis. Also, I sleep with earplugs and have blackout shades. The noise this city generates is nothing like living in Denmark.

What do you miss most about raising kids in Denmark? My family and friends. No matter the weather kids are always playing outside. 

What does a normal Sunday look like for you and your family? We love to explore all the amazing things New York has to offer and meet up with all the wonderful people we have met living here. We take Amalia with us everywhere and she loves trying all the different cuisines at the many restaurants here in New York.  

What's your family motto? "Hakuna Matata"

What's your kids favorite food? Avocado, corn, and ice cream (once in awhile).  

What does cozy time look like for you and child? Reading Hans Christian Anderson fairytales. Singing and dancing, whenever, where ever. 

How do you use your Gooselings duvet? My daughter is now old enough to sleep with it. It's also her security blanket and she loves to bring it everywhere, even on airplanes.

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