Gooselings First Christmas: Mom Kristine, Daughters Olivia & Luna

December 09, 2020


Please introduce yourself, who you are, your family, and what you do for a living.

I’m a Danish momma to 2 little ladies, Olivia age 6 and Luna age 9month. We are currently living in the cinematic Culver City in California. Both me and my husband are from Copenhagen, but moved to NY in 2012. I started working as a portrait and lifestyle photographer back in 2014 when I became a mom to my first child, Olivia, my muse. 

1. How has motherhood changed you and your perspective on the holiday season?

I feel Motherhood hasn’t changed me, but more it has allowed me to nurture and explore some sides of me that always been there. My own family did their share of Christmas decorating and traditions and now having my own little immediate family is the ultimate outlet to keep family traditions and establish those New Danish/American generational family traditions of our own.

2. This season, what new traditions are you planning on sharing with your little one?

Being from Denmark where advent Calendar is the main thing for kids, Im going all in on that one - wrapping 24 individual gifts. Then adding the American Christmas stockings for both the grownups and little ones, we are definitely not missing out on any cute traditions. Anything with little suprises and “nisse drillerier” (elf mischiefs) is always a succes. Sometimes when we wake up our Christmas Tree is wrapped in toilet paper, or bananas is hanging on it.... my daughter LOVES these little mischiefs the elf’s makes when we sleep.


3. As a mother, how do you find your calm during the holidays?

I try not to overdo it... less is more. Trying to remember what is important and what feelings and memories I want to have lingering post the holidays. No one remember how the perfect decorated tree looked like, but everyone remembers decorating it.

4. How do you use your Gooselings duvet and what's your favorite print?

I use it for basically everything, when nursing, in the morning in the sofa before the house heats up, when we sleep, when we travel. My favorite print is the bird song, especially the mustard colored. It’s just so calming to me.


5. For us, a Gooselings Moment is a simple (and cozy) moment of comfort, warmth, and contentment. What are the Gooselings moments you look forward to having with your family this season?

That is when I make a art project with my oldest, nurse my youngest to sleep in front of the fire place, watch a Christmas movie with my husband. All I want for Christmas is content and great health.



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