Gooselings Mama: Meet Mette - the Scandi Mom from Denmark

July 10, 2019



Where are you from? Ribe, Denmark

Children/ Ages: 11 months and 3,5 years 

How did you come up with the names of your children? We used the old danish names for Alma and Sisse Marie. Marie is from my mother Anna Marie.

How long was your maternity leave in Denmark and how did you spend it?  8 months with Sisse Marie and 10 months with Alma. I spend it with lots of activities and time with good friends and their babies. We went to baby swimming, gymnastics, after-birth-training etc. 

What do you like best about raising kids in Denmark? The long maternity leave, the health insurance and the fact that spending time with your children has a high priority politically and in the workplace. 

What does a normal Sunday look like for you and your family? Play inside and outside. Our oldest girl likes playing with the neighbors boy. We would most likely visit the girls grandparents.

What's your family motto? “Every moment matters”

What's your kids favorite food? Corn and pasta, but they eat everything.

What's your family's favorite holiday and why? Travelling by our boat in Denmark, camping in Italy or spending time in my parents apartment in Spain. 

Any family traditions you would like share? 
I love the christmas traditions. Watching The Disney Christmas show with my brother, singing carols when walking around the christmas tree and spending time with the entire family.

How do you take your children to school? 
My children are not old enough to go to school yet. But we drive them to daycare and kindergarten in our cargo bike.

How do you use your Gooselings duvet? 
For cosyness in the evening and for comfortness on a slow morning.

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