When to Give Your Child A Pillow

April 29, 2024

As your toddler grows and transitions into their own bed, introducing a pillow can be a comforting step towards creating a cozy sleep environment. Here are ten points to consider when determining the best time to introduce a pillow to your little one, along with embracing a hygge ending to enhance their bedtime experience.

Toddler girl laying with garden printed pillow

Developmental Readiness:

Wait until your toddler transitions from a crib to a toddler bed, usually around 18 months, to introduce a pillow, as they may be more accustomed to sleeping without one.


Princess castle pattern pillow on pink blanket


Watch for signs of discomfort or restless sleep without a pillow, indicating they might benefit from one.

Toddler girl holding a beige gingham printed pillow

Physical readiness:

Ensure your toddler has the motor skills and coordination to adjust their head position if needed during sleep.

Toddler girl taking a photo with a wooden camera, laying on a circus tent printed pillow


Only introduce a pillow once your toddler can confidently roll over and move their head independently to reduce the risk of suffocation.

Blue pillow with flower print and deers

Low loft:

Choose a toddler pillow with a low loft to provide gentle support without elevating their head too high, which could strain their neck or hinder breathing.

White pillow with a blue hot air balloons pattern


Offer the pillow when your toddler shows an interest in cuddling soft objects during sleep or nap time.

Baby boy taking a photo with a wooden camera, laying on a circus tent printed pillow

Trial period:

Introduce the pillow gradually, allowing your toddler to adjust to the new sleeping arrangement.

Toddler girl holding a pink pillow with flowers and deer printed on it


Monitor your toddler's sleep quality and comfort level with the pillow, adjusting or removing it if they seem restless or uncomfortable.

Little boy moving a blue and white striped pillow


Select a pillow with a removable, machine-washable cover to maintain cleanliness and prevent allergen buildup.

Happy baby laying on a pile fluffy duvets, resting his head on a light blue pillow with scalloped edges


Once your toddler is comfortable with the pillow, consistently incorporate it into their bedtime routine to establish a sense of familiarity and comfort.

By personalizing your toddler's sleep space with a cozy pillow from Gooselings, you're not just providing physical comfort but also nurturing a sense of security and warmth in their bedtime routine. With careful consideration and a touch of hygge, you can create a soothing environment that helps your little one drift off to sleep feeling safe and loved.


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