If Walls Could Speak

May 18, 2022

Secret Garden Toddler Pillow and Duvet

Wallpaper is making a comeback — and this time, it’s here to stay. 

In decades past it was more often the case than not. “Wallpaper was everywhere wallpaper could be. From subtle prints and patterns to wildly colored designs — it was everything. Until it wasn’t. In the second half of the 20th century, wallpaper began to recede in residential design, replaced largely by paint. There are lots of theories as to why this all happened, but it was likely a combination of a desire for simpler, more minimalist interior designs and the reputation wall was difficult to put up—and even harder to take down”, Business of Home says. But recently, we’re seeing it make a comeback — and a strong one at that. We think it’s because it is yet another way to express your personal style — if you’re bold enough to do it, that means that you are literally showing who you are on the four walls around you – and we love the idea of that. Here are a few reasons why we are loving wallpaper (and also the duvets that mix and match with them). 

Into the Woodlands Duvet


Why We’re Loving Wallpaper

— Wallpaper creates a magical environment, even in a small room

— Mix & Match make for curious minds

— Cost effective way to bring new life to refresh an environment

— Wallpaper allows you to daydream


    Once Upon A Time Duvet


    Three Wallpaper Brands We Are Loving 

    Sandberg Wallpaper, for a timeless statement. 

    Hygge and West, for a mix of traditional and whimsical designs. 

    Boråstapeter, for all things nature-inspired. 

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