Brands Devoted To Moms

April 29, 2022

Photo Captured by Stephanie Sunderland


Some may scream it from the rooftops, and some may just have a relatable backstory. These are the brands that are making a difference in one way or another. 


The Mom Project

An estimated 43% of highly skilled women leave the workforce after becoming mothers. And many struggle finding a place to grow their career because employers don’t know how to navigate through this period of a woman’s life, and meet the wants and needs of mother’s (which differ from other employees). The Mom Project is committed to helping women remain active in the workforce in every stage of their journey — working with employers who are committed to designing and supporting a better workplace.



“Talea Beer is not "chick beer." It is not pink-washed. We don't have the calorie counts on the label. We are creating high quality, easy-to-love beers for anyone, regardless of gender.” NYC’s first female-founded brewery and taproom was an idea by women and run by mothers (one of twins!) who knows that mothers like good beer too. 


Haven’s Kitchen

What began as a New York City cooking school in 2012 has now expanded into a cookbook and a company that brings Alison Cayne's savory sauces into homes across the country. The mom-of-five's easy-to-use marinades come in recyclable pouches and all sorts of flavors, from golden turmeric tahini to zippy chili harissa. The bottom line is they're designed to make home cooks' lives easier.



How they’re helping working moms: a forever standout when it comes to supporting moms at work, Patagonia has kicked things up a notch, first surveying parents about the child care they have and what they need to be successful in their day. Then, according to a piece in Fast Company, the brand is encouraging parents to shift to more “asynchronous work”—for example, prioritizing long-term projects over work that’s more time-sensitive.



They take an intersectional feminist approach towards everything they do, partnering with female leaders, artisans, and workers and prioritizing women-owned factories whenever possible. They also feature mothers in their journal and in their marketing, inspiring a life of simplicity (with family at the very center of it all). 



A membership-based intimate community of modern moms and resources that support you in your journey from belly to baby and beyond. Once you’re accepted you get access to a hyper curated peer group of  moms who understand your challenges and needs. 



Minimalist NYC-based brand MAKE Beauty donates 10% of all sales to We See Beauty Foundation, which is a non-profit dedicated to supporting women-led, worker-owned businesses across the Americas.

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