The Gooselings Difference

June 20, 2022

We make products that are designed to last a lifetime. So you can buy less, and love more. 


duvet insert with labeling
Here’s some keys to shopping less and buying better:
Quality over Quantity: This is about a shift in focus. Quality has more depth than quantity will ever have. It means that something was made with intention with thoughtfulness. 
  • Investing in quality saves you money.
  • Choosing quality saves you time (and energy!).
  • Preferring quality over quantity supports sustainability.
  • A quality over quantity approach reduces stress and overwhelm.
  • Quality brings more satisfaction and happiness.
  • Quality makes you care more.
  • Choosing quality is an act of self-love
Our Adventures in Wonderland Toddler Duvet Cover is a great example of the above.
Family Run Factories over Mass Production: It’s important to know where your “things” are coming from. If you can’t trace it, or if the company doesn’t communicate where their product is made, that means they have something to hide. It also often means that they are over-creating for over-consumption which in turn affects our environment. Our duvet covers and sheets  come from Portugal, particularly, an 100 year old factory.
  • Portugal has one of the strongest textile industries in Europe and is known for its impressive craftsmanship and expertise in high-quality clothes and home textiles. 
  • “Made in Portugal” is a symbol of quality & reliability and it also means the product was made in an environment that is socially and ecologically responsible. Our factory is a fourth-generation family business and it’s a culmination of almost 100 years of experience and heritage in the textile industry. Their roots can be traced back several generations to the 1920’s, when some of the original mills of northern Portugal began to manufacture products that personified the European quality and the craftsmanship. 
  • Today, many of those same methods and techniques used for decades are combined with a modern innovation, resulting in a luxurious high-end product. 
  • Our down fill, duvets and pillows are supplied by a separate factory in Denmark
  • They only use down and feathers from carefully selected European suppliers who – like us – have a high level of ethics and who care about animal welfare.
  • They make duvets and products that are an investment in quality of life and well-being as 1/3 of our lives are used in bed. Doing their best to ensure that all products are a safe choice and are the highest standard in the field.
  • They have their own EDFA certified laboratory to measure and test the quality of down and feathers.
Longevity over Trends: Trends come and go and well — so do the products. When you invest in something that values longevity, it means that every penny counts, that you’ll have it for years (or a lifetime) and that that product won’t end up in a landfill. That’s why we focus on creating products that are heirloom-quality. They have that special something that makes you want to pass it down, or even, they’re so special that you’ll just hold on to them because they hold so many memories.
gooselings bag in bird song print
That is the Gooselings Difference.

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