Gooselings First Christmas: Mom Samantha & Son Peter

December 20, 2020


How has motherhood changed you and your perspective on the holiday season? 

Having a little one brings back the magic of childhood Christmases. Seeing everything through his eyes as new again is so special, from the moments as simple as watching his face light up when we pull out the tinsel and ornaments to decorate the tree, to his eagerness to climb up the ladder to help us hang garlands. There's less focus on gifts to be received and more focus on togetherness, plus imagining how cute he'll look in his tartan jammies and anticipating his excitement on Christmas morning. The joy he brings us all is immeasurable, and it's only exemplified during the holiday season.

This season, what new traditions are you planning on sharing with your little one? 

It has become a tradition over the past five or so years to spend Christmas with my parents at their home in Southern France. While we were not sure it would happen this year, we feel extremely fortunate to have made it here and to have this precious time together. Our most longstanding Christmas Eve tradition is opening up one gift -- always matching festive pajamas -- and reading from the original Christmas story from the scriptures together as a family. It's wonderful now introducing Peter to these moments and truly makes them all the more precious.



As a mother, how do you find your calm during the holidays? 

It's always a rush this time of year between wrapping things up at work, ordering gifts and making sure everything is all set to unplug for a week or two. Of course this year looked different given I've been working from home and doing all the shopping online, but nonetheless it feels so good to make it to Christmas and take a little breather with family before the new year picks up. It makes all the difference when I am able to find a quiet moment for myself from time to time. With my parents and siblings around, we feel blessed to have extra hands who are more than willing to take a turn watching him whenever I need a little extra "me" time to find my calm.

For us, a Gooselings Moment is a simple (and cozy) moment of comfort, warmth, and contentment. What are the Gooselings moments you look forward to having with your family this season?                                 

One of my favorite things about Christmases in France is that we always keep roaring fires going in the centuries-old fireplaces throughout the house. Each mantle is decorated with pine boughs and they bring such a warmth and romantic glow to the home all holiday season. Particularly on Christmas Eve as we gather around the fire together, that's the coziest moment of the year!



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