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When it comes to a happy parent and child, it all starts with "hygge". We offer a slice of happiness, a little tenderness, a little something familiar and a lot of cozy in everything we make.

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The Secret Garden Collection

Hand-drawn and inspired by the enchanting beauty of the Scandinavian countryside. The collection is a stunning reminder of the magic that lies just beyond our everyday world.

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Scandinavian-inspired bedding that will grow with your little one from now—until forever. Because when we say heirloom, we mean it.

When We Say Heirloom-Quality

We mean it. Heirloom-quality and thoughtful-craftsmanship are important parts of our DNA. Our products are made in generations-old factories in Europe, that are world renowned for their expertise in textiles.

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Add your little ones names to their bedding with our monogrammed products

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Custom red monogrammed name Harper

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Custom blue monogrammed name Oliver
Custom orange monogrammed name Amalia


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